Life With Abba

Share life with your Heavenly Father.

God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father. - Gal 4:6

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Share Your #LifeWithAbba.

Abba, your Heavenly Father, wants a closer, more social relationship with you.
Share with Him those casual, playful, and even serious moments of your everyday life, using the Life With Abba!

Get Social

Social media lets us share life digitally with others. The Life With Abba app lets you share life digitally with Abba, your Heavenly Father!

Go Deeper

By sharing daily experiences, verses, prayers, mood, and thoughts with Abba, it’s our hope and prayer that this will contribute to a closer, deeper relationship with Him!

Have Faith

While others won't see your content, we believe Abba will engage your heart and mind as you use the Life With Abba app to socialize with Him, "social media style."

Different Ways To Share Your #LifeWithAbba

Many of the features in modern social platforms are here, but only to be used between you and Abba!

Capture Moments

A photo is worth a thousand words. A Video...thousands! Capture moments as photos or short videos! Abba’s watching!

The Word Of God!

His word teaches us truth, righteousness, and correction. Abba loves it when we meditate on His Word througout our day!

Power Of The Pen!

Abba has been inspiring writers throughout the ages. He even writes His law on our hearts. Abba’s listening!


Record Your Vocals

Speak your thoughts, sing a song, share a spoken word or poem, or simply pray out loud ... to Abba!

What’s Your Mood?

Sometimes it’s hard to find the words. Simply express your moods with an emoji! Abba understands!

Go Ahead, Share With Abba!

You’re probabaly already used to using social media. Now, use those modern, digital skills to share your life with Abba!

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